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    A Top Military College Welcoming Enlisted Personnel

    As a cadet, you will discover new and fascinating opportunities in New London, CT.

    • Free college education
    • Broad exploration of Coast Guard careers
    • Summer training to develop professional skills
    • Professional and academic internships
    • A structured program of leadership development
    • Tuition free graduate school
    • Higher career and pay potential

    Academic Preparation for the Coast Guard Academy

    that will help you succeed in college. As you decide whether the Academy is right for you, consider how your college readiness skills have developed:

    • Study habits and time management skills
    • Ability to set and meet goals
    • Ability to stay focused
    • Experience adapting to highly structured environments
    • 502 Bad Gateway

    • Willingness to seek and use help

    Learn more about the academic profile of Academy classes to see how you compare statistically.

    The Preparatory School Year

    502 Bad Gateway (CGAS) Program.

    Independence and College Readiness

    502 Bad Gateway

    the factors that will affect your ability to make this transition.

    • Ability to delay gratification
    • Past experiences making major life changes
    • Ability to perform well under pressure
    • Degree of support from family and friends
    Prep School

    A 10 month foundation program for academic success.

    Learn More
    Deck Plate

    Hear from former enlisted members about their transition to cadet life

    Read More
    A Typical Day

    Check out a typical day as a cadet

    Read More

    Making the Transition

    Short term tradeoffs in your lifestyle will be necessary to adapt to cadet life.

    • Pay:
      are not paid. However, when you graduate, your base pay is more than twice as high as this E-3; and you will receive about 30 percent more BAH.
    • Cars:
    commercial rate, to buy a car or invest.
  • Age: Most of your classmates will be younger than you are. Your maturity and experience will probably lead your classmates to look to you for leadership and advice.
  • Debts and Dependents: Cadets may not be married, carry debt, or have dependents. Loans like car payments must be liquidated before you enroll.
  • Household Goods: The possession of personal belongings is a privilege that comes with cadet rank. Applicants who live independently and own household goods (furniture, appliances) should divest or place these goods in storage at their own expense. Musical instruments and sporting equipment are exempted.
  • Retirement Eligibility: Enlisted service accrues to retirement if you accept a cadet appointment. Cadets do not accrue time in service.
  • If You Don’t Graduate

    If your enlistment contract was already up at the time you enrolled, the following options are open to you:

    Enlisted Personnel Facts and Figures
    0 Debt and dependents SVGDebt & dependents allowable
    23 enrollment age SVGThe oldest eligible enrollment age
    $1,000 stipend SVGMonthly cadet stipend
    $280,000+ Education value SVGValue of the CGA education